Business Overview

We are one of the leading distributors of mobile phones in Hong Kong with extensive local distribution channels. We have developed and maintained strong and successful relationships with a number of mobile phones suppliers of internationally renowned brands including the Samsung and Blackberry. We have also developed relationships with the brand owners of Acer, Asus, Black Shark, Nothing, etc.

We have a wide and growing customer base. We also have a diversified distribution customer base ranging from wholesale customers to telecommunication services operators and chain retailers. Our extensive industry knowledge and strong technical knowhow, which allow us to share up-to-date market information and in-depth understanding of products’ features and specifications with our customers, are one of the key factors that make us their preferred suppliers.

Mobile phone has become an important communication device in all walks of life with increasing prevalence of its use as the mobile phones technology progresses in terms of functions and design. Hong Kong, being our market focus, is one of the cities with the highest mobile phone penetration rate in the world with a penetration rate of about 238.2% in 2013. The constant introduction of new models of mobile phones and the local consumer culture have driven the increase of retail sales of mobile phones and have provided mobile phones distributors with substantial business opportunities.

Currently, we are distributor of mobile phones of internationally renowned brands, such as the Samsung, Acer, Alcatel One Touch and Black Shark. We conduct our distribution business through our wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely, Synergy Technologies (Asia) Limited (“Synergy”) and Qool International Limited (“Qool”).  

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It is the common market practice for mobile phones suppliers to engage local authorized distributors in Hong Kong instead of engaging in direct sales activities with local resellers or end customers. These mobile phones suppliers benefit from our extensive local sales network to maintain a broad market reach at a lower operating cost. We consider ourselves as an important channel between the mobile phones suppliers and the local resellers. In addition, the mobile phones suppliers benefit from our distribution logistics and assistance in marketing activities in a cost-efficient manner.

We offer mobile phones to our distribution customers through our distribution network. The websites of our subsidiaries, Synergy and Qool, and their online platform serve as a promotional platform for our services and products as well as a communication channel with our customers. They set out the scope and features of our products, news relating to new product launches, and create an exchange forum through which our customers can lodge their enquiries and comments.

As present, our sales team consisted of 45 staff members. Our sales personnel possess broad knowledge of mobile phones. We provide training to our sales personnel from time to time, covering latest development on product and technology relating to mobile phones, marketing skills, customer management and support. In addition, some of our suppliers also provide training to our staff on product knowledge, features and benefits of their products so that our staff are equipped with the knowledge to answer product-related questions promptly. The marketing of mobile products to general public are usually devised by our suppliers and we are also providing marketing services to ours suppliers.