List of Directors and Their Role & Function

The members of the board of directors (the “Board”) of SiS Mobile Holdings Limited are set out below:

Executive Directors
Mr. Lim Kiah Meng 
Mr. Fong Po Kiu
Ms. Wong Yi Ting
Non-executive Directors
Mr. Lim Kia Hong (Chairman)
Mr. Lim Hwee Hai
Independent Non-executive Directors
Ms. Chu Chung Yi
Ms. Doe Julianne Pearl
Mr. Cheng Tak Chung

The Board has established three Committees. The table below provides membership information of these Committees on which certain Board members serve:

Directors Audit Committee Remuneration Committee Nomination Committee
Mr. LIM Kiah Meng   M M
Mr. LIM Kia Hong   M C
Ms. CHU Chung Yi C C M
Ms. DOE Julianne Pearl M M M
Mr. CHENG Tak Chung M M M

C – Chairman /Chairlady of the relevant Committee
M - Member of the relevant Committee